To serve the public, journalists need to serve each other.

I’m the social media manager at KING 5. When I moved into this job 3 years, my boss told me there were just two things he wanted me to do:
– change the culture
– have fun
There’s one more thing I would add
– reach out.
Everyone attending the ONA conference is a leader in digital journalism. But there are hundreds of journalists who will not be at the conference and are not in ONA. They’re just struggling to keep up while telling the stories that are important to their communities. We need to reach out to them wherever they are to help them do the job of serving the public.
ONA does a great job with out reach – it is quote – ‘a resource for journalists seeking guidance and growth.’
But the only way this mission works and ONA continues to grow is if each of us is a resource for journalists who want guidance and who want to grow – even if they don’t have time to seek our help. We need to reach out to them.
Often our lives as journalists are so filled with daily tasks – and technology just adds to these – that’s it’s hard to always focus on the big picture.
But you – each of you – can help by reaching out.
Start today – by tweeting a journalist in your community who isn’t at ONA, and asking them what they’d like you to bring back and then BRING IT BACK.
Start today – by going to the student newsroom and adopting one of these bright young leaders of future journalism. Stay in touch and be a mentor. You’re bound to learn more from them than they will from you.
Start today – by having coffee with someone at this conference who you might never know otherwise, and deciding to set up a mutual help hotline for each other’s newsrooms.
When we make it our priority to serve ALL journalists, we fulfill our promise of serving the public.
I am running for the ONA Board of Directors – and here is my promise to you – I am reaching out to all of you here, and all journalists to help you in any way I can.


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