A wish for you in 2013

A new year, a new beginning, a new vow to be MORE.

But what if MORE really isn’t MORE? And what happens when we aren’t MORE?

The pressure to succeed is so incredible in our everyday lives. Our every thought and action scrutinized by the world it seems. Everywhere the comparisons to those who have MORE than we do. The cult of celebrity that can make us quickly feel like we are missing out. The idea that “.. if only this happens, I will be MORE.”

Often the desire to be MORE leads us to believe we need MORE. MORE money, MORE toys, MORE stuff.

I am inspired by my friend Donald who has decided to pare his possessions down to 300 items. Every day on Tumblr he offers something to his friends in his effort to get rid of his MORE.

He says, “The more I have, the less I seem to be happy with.”

And he’s right. MORE is an addiction, which just leads us to want MORE. MORE of what the world tells us we should want.

But there is a different kind of more, a more that is so much more than MORE.

More joy, more truth, more love. More of what truly makes you happy, not what the world tells you you need to be happy.

This is the more I wish for you. Only you know what this more is. And it is more than enough.


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