Note to my 25 year old self on a birthday many years later


Sorry I haven’t written more often in the past several years, but time has just slipped away. If I could go back here’s some of what I’d want you to know. Take it or leave it, it’s mainly about things left undone, unsaid, not reached for. No real regrets (I’ve been lucky), but some changes I might have made.

1. Make mistakes. Fail. Don’t worry about doing everything right. Just do it. No one learns to walk without falling over and over and over again.

2. Spend more time with your parents. They will be gone before you are. You won’t know when or how and you won’t be able to stop it.

3. Kids grow up FAST. Play more, worry less.

4. Make more friends. Try to make everyone your friend. Strangers are just friends you have not made yet.

5. Don’t wait for the ‘person’ who will make you happy. That person is here. It’s you.

6. Never stop learning. Never stop changing. Never stop trying.

7. Laugh. Cry. Laugh some more. Cry some more. Don’t be ashamed of your emotions.

8. Count your blessings. Make your blessings.

9. Wear more sunblock. But don’t worry when the wrinkles come, embrace the smile lines.

10. Help more people. Help more people. Help more people.

11. Embrace uncertainty.

12. Dance. Sing. Play. Stay out all night. Then do it again.

13. Go fast, but sometimes go slower.

14. Listen. Ordinary people have extraordinary stories if you take the time to listen to them.

15. Give all of your love away. All of it. Don’t wait. We’re not of this world for long.





3 thoughts on “Note to my 25 year old self on a birthday many years later

  1. EXACTLY………very well said. You are an amazing person who I’m proud to say is my friend. Wishing you an upcoming fantastic year and then many more after that. Hugs and Best Wishes, Teres xo —–I especially like #15.

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