Rainy, windy, crazy, sweet…

It was a typical spring day in Seattle today. Rain. Then wind. Then more rain. We were downtown at a business meeting, and walked out to a mini-storm, with sideways rain and wind whipping up everything.

Still I had to take a photo of the Hammering Man outside the Seattle Art Museum. I was having a hard time hanging onto my phone and onto myself. I knew I would have to make the shot quick, but I’m all about lines so kept moving around and around the massive sculpture until I thought I had the alignment right.

I finally took the shot, and as I turned away I noticed a young man trying to hold an umbrella over me. I was so surprised I had not noticed him earlier, yet there he was. I reached out to touch his arm, and smiled as I said ‘thank you.’

That umbrella didn’t come close to keeping even one drop of rain off of me. It didn’t make my photo any better. It didn’t make any difference at all except.. right in the middle of the storm, it was like the sun came out and shone right on where that young man and I were standing on the sidewalk. Do you see it?


Doing and being

How long is your to-do list? How much busy work is on it? Where’s your real work? A list of tasks is just that, a list of tasks. We all have tasks, we all need to do them to get stuff done.

But what is the list of tasks that gets our thinking done? Our dreaming done? That real work in our heads that leads to the ideas of what we want to get done?

When you need to get your thinking done put away your list. Put away distractions. Walk away from your computer and the people around you. Go for a walk by yourself. See the world. Hear the world. Then let go. Let your mind go. Get your thinking done.